Friday, November 12, 2010


My name is Janice. I had a very terrible and ugly look. i could not go out to dinners and executive parties.
whenever i do, everyone looks so charming and i cannot stand the way people look at my ugly face and talk about me. a lot of people laughed at me, pointed towards me and says "look at that ugly woman" and they laughed audibly. This really upset me, i was hopeless of being attractive. i wanted to look beautiful, even if not like a model, at least just a nice and presentable face. i saw the advert of the powerful spell casters and i sent them a letter for my facial transformation. they promised they will help me. so i followed the instructions and they did the spells and sent me a special cream for my face. i used the cream for 9 days and before i knew it, my face started to change. i was surprised when i look at the mirror, this is magic and i would have never believed if it wasn't me. i want to say a big thank you. you are the best and you will always be remembered for your Good works.
 Janice, France.

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